Meta-Stat -- 
Tool for the Meta-Analysis of Research Studies

Lawrence M. Rudner, Gene V Glass,
David L. Evartt, and Patrick J. Emery


Download Version 1.5 (711Kb)


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Meta-Stat is a DOS-based computer program that automates the many complex tasks that are required to perform a meta-analysis. With Meta-Stat, you can:

Code the features of each study
Transform study findings into a common metric, called the effect size, so that the studies 
can be compared
Apply statistical techniques to the data
Display the data on a variety of charts

The data can easily be output in ASCII format or in a format ready for use by the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).  Meta-analysis in the traditions of a) Glass, Hedges and Olkin (i.e. effect size), and b) Schmidt and Hunter (i.e. correlational) are supported. Special features include:

An effect-size calculator to help convert from reported metrics to effect-size
Homogeneity statistics
Variance ratio
Fail-safe N
Corrected regression outputs.
Graphical Exploratory Data Analysis

Meta-Stat is free for non-commercial, educational use. We only ask that you reference Meta-Stat in any resultant publications. 

MetaStat was originally developed with funds from the National Institutes of Health, Small Business Innovative Research Program to LMP Associates, Inc.. This web site and on-line manual are made available through the auspices of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation, Department of Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation, University of Maryland, College Park.