Bayesian Essay Test Scoring sYstem - BETSY


BET sYstem


Version History

  • January 2002
Initial release.
  • February 2002
Version ( - Added support for arguments (non-adjacent word pairs) and established a new database format.
  • October 2002
Developed a version to look for arguments within sentences. This would lift the paragraph size limit. Works, but is terribly slow. I won't use it.
  • January 2003
Tweaked support for arguments.
  • February 2003 
Version (1.03.55c.03.13) - Corrected error when trimming training set files. (note: the data from trimmed files can be restored by training words, phrases and arguments again.)
  • February 2003
Version (1.03.55d.03.13) - Widthed the window when scoring and showing errors